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Since the mechanical and electronic parts of the elevators require regular maintenance, they need periodic maintenance. Our Laws
maintenance authorization at least once a month for maintenance to be made by the elevator companies says. Lift with good maintenance malfunctions have been prevented and can also occur with changed materials elevator accidents will be prevented. Fulas Elevator dedicated maintenance team By controlling your elevators in the best way necessary changes and settings makes. In addition, these treatments are performed regularly. also shares it with you.

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With our consultancy service, you can choose the elevator that best suits your needs and implement it with a fast projecting process. Our designs and projects are always safe and ergonomic.

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No matter how good materials an elevator consists of, if the assembly work is not done with quality and meticulousness, that elevator is efficient, it cannot be safe, secure and long-lasting. Elevator installation requires technical knowledge and meticulousness Mechanical and Lifts, which are made of the use of electronics at the same time, make you feel the smallest errors in the assembly and cause malfunctions. assembly, they also invite accidents. The slightest negligence in the lifts where people are at the forefront threatens the safety of life. It took place... Read More

If your elevators or escalators are over 10 years old, your building usage purpose has changed, you have long waiting and frequent breakdowns, or you are competing with newer modern technological buildings, FULAS Elevator's solution for you is modernization. Our proven products and installation process will help improve the reliability, performance and aesthetics of your Elevators and Escalators. Modernization for every need and every budget
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